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Many more businesses are re-opening and lockdown is easing more and more.  When going to any venue, business or outlet, please do bear in mind that all have, of course, had a really rough time.  To open now they have a host of guidelines they have to follow and, therefore, rules they have to implement.  But, these people know their businesses, they know their buildings and they know best how to keep their customers and their own teams safe. So, you know what? They may even have some extra rules of their own. If that’s the case, be grateful. Know that they have gone the extra mile to do the right thing, often at significant extra cost.  So, if you see a social media post, or a notice as you arrive at a business, which outlines a selection of new practices and requirements, read them, take them in and, frankly, be impressed by them.  We really are all in this together and this is still a very serious situation which requires us all to do our bit.

Every community needs businesses that it can trust to put safety first.
Every business needs a community that it can trust to put safety first.

Work with, and take time to understand, your favourite local businesses – we’re sure they’ll appreciate it.

Enjoy being out and about – but not at the expense of other people enjoying it too.

In these unprecedented times please feel free to browse the website for an idea of all the fabulous businesses, attractions, goings-on and scenery on offer in this beautiful area.  As is the case everywhere, things are changing all the time as Babbacombe Bay groups, attractions and businesses adapt to the current circumstances.  We have attempted to keep listings up to date but, should you be interested in the latest news about any of our listings do please follow the links to either websites or social media pages.

We have listings of all sorts of attractions, business, services, groups and events as well as our Babbacombe Bay News page.  We aim to bring you accurate and up to date information but please note that a listing on this website does not necessarily mean that we have direct experience of that business etc.

We are adding to the website all the time with new groups, businesses, attractions and ideas of fun things to do.  Please have a browse to discover more about this special place.  If you are local to the area and would like to be listed on the website then please drop us a line via our Keep In Touch page

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