So much to say.....



Another beautiful day…..

Beautiful day in Babbacombe Bay


Various bits of news and whatnot to share you with this coming week so stay tuned 🙂
In the meantime, get in touch, any time, via the Keep In Touch page (the clue is in the name) on our website. Always great to have updates and welcome newbies.
Oh, and don’t forget to take a little time out to sit on a bench somewhere nice if you get a chance…..

Bench on Walls Hill, Babbacombe Bay


Have a great weekend…..

Seagull on Oddicombe Beach


Another stunning start to the day in Babbacombe Bay.  September is proving pretty fabulous so far…..

September, Babbacombe Bay


Walls Hill, Babbacombe


The very lovely team at the very lovely Babbacombe Theatre have been doing a brilliant job coming up with new and innovative ways to secure the future of this Babbacombe Bay staple.  Here’s their latest plan….. and it’s a great one. Basically, they are doing some crowdfunding. But with a bit of a difference. Yes, you can simply donate – of course. However, from the team who always go the extra mile, you can also claim a reward.  With reward options starting from as little as a £25 donation there is something for everyone. With badges, calendars, photo shoots, free entry, join the team at rehearsals and all sorts of exciting whatnot.  So, please check out the link, take a look at what they’re up to and let’s do what we can to help keep this fabulous entertainment venue going through this very difficult time –   Yes, there may have been clouds forming, but we want the light to shine both on and in this theatre for a very long time to come.  Clouds and light – see what we did there? The picture with clouds and light! You get it, right? We don’t just throw this stuff together, you know. Have you any idea how long we stood waiting for just the right picture for this…..

Babbacombe Theatre


Well, here we are in autumn (ish) 2020. Babbacombe Bay is, as always, a beautiful place to be.  While it’s lovely to be out and about more we do, of course, still need to be so careful. Whether you live here or are holidaying in the area, it’s vitally important that we all look out for each other and do our best to ensure that everyone is as safe and sound as possible. In all ways.  I am delighted that Babbacombe Style now has over 3000 followers across Facebook, Instagram and Twitter – thank you for joining this journey of celebration both on social media and at  If you are part of a business or group and offer a service within the Babbacombe Bay area please do get in touch and we’ll add you to our mix. It really is very simple. If you’re already with us, don’t forget to keep in touch and drop me a line with any updates or news.  Thanks very much, Nicky

Autumn, Babbacombe Bay


Lovely, local wander to start the day…..

Babbacombe Bay wander


View across the bay today…..

View across Babbacombe and the bay


This week we will be updating our website including our “What’s On” section featuring, of course, the fabulous Babbacombe Theatre.  If you have any goings-on planned that we should know about (or if you’d like to join our mix) please drop us a note.  We’re keen to hear your news and find out about anything new you’re doing to deal with the 2020 challenges.  We are here to celebrate all that’s great about beautiful Babbacombe Bay and the surrounding area. If that sounds like you, too, simply get in touch.

Babbacombe Theatre


Wishing you all a beautiful Bank Holiday.
Please stay safe and continue to look out for each other – thanks.

Along the South West Coast Path at Babbacombe Beach


A few years ago…..

Deckchairs on Babbacombe Downs


A lovely moment of Oddicombe warmth and calm.
Because we all need moments like that every now and then…..

Oddicombe Beach calm


Babbacombe Downs Wishing Well


Postcard from Babbacombe Bay

Postcard from Babbacombe Bay


Hope you’re managing some cool and shady moments within your day…..


So, who has the better view?….

Cruise ships in Babbacombe Bay


Pretty good from all angles

Beautiful Babbacombe


Just this…..

Babbacombe Bay August 2020


Looking forward to a superb, safe August in beautiful Babbacombe Bay

Beautiful Babbacombe Downs


Dartmoor looking absolutely beautiful today.
Just a short trip from Babbacombe Bay.

Dartmoor looking stunning


Freshest of fresh air.  Whatever the weather.

Babbacombe Bay


Going out checklist:
Hand sanitiser
Face covering
A smile
Oh, and anything (or anyone) else you need to have with you!

We are all in this together.
That’s just the way it is.
Take care…..

Going out checklist


The rather excellent Portfolio Gallery (in St Marychurch, opposite Bygones) is well stocked with all your card requirements along with all sorts of fabulous bits and pieces to give as gifts to others or to treat yourself plus some great art to brighten any home.
Their lovely coffee shop is closed at present. If you’ve been there before you’ll know what a great little hideaway this is. Unfortunately, this makes social distancing etc a little hard to manage.
However, Vicki and Peter are on hand to assist in the gallery and have, of course, made it as safe as possible with a screen at the cash desk and plenty of cleaning going on.
Just another of the fabulous, independent businesses we are so lucky to have in beautiful Babbacombe Bay.
Don’t forget to drop us a note with anything new that’s happening with you so that we can update our website and help spread the word on social media.
Take care, shop local, shop safely and let’s keep the Babbacombe Bay teamwork going

Portfolio card selection


Ice cream delights at Scoopy Doo’s Ice Cream Parlour in St Marychurch.
Open every day from 11am to 7pm, it really is the perfect stop-off for some serious treats.
With a stunning range of ice creams, desserts, shakes and smoothies, you won’t regret popping in.
For more details on Scoopy Doo’s plus all sorts of other great places to eat in Babbacombe Bay and surrounding area, why not check out the Mmm page of our website?
And, if you’re not yet on our website, and in our mix, drop us a line and we’ll get that sorted…..

Scoopy Doos in Babbacombe


If you go down to the woods today…..

Babbacombe Cliff Railway


Thank you to all our Facebook, Twitter and Instagram Likers and Followers – lovely to have you with us celebrating all that’s great about this beautiful part of the world.
As places and people and things start to get busier, hope you’re finding time for a moment or two of tranquility and reflection here and there.
It’s been an incredible few months and the challenges and worries are still very real.
The future is hopefully a little brighter but we must not become complacent.
Stay safe and continue to take care of yourselves and others.
Oh, and find us on social media @babbacombestyle

Thatcher Rock


If you haven’t been to Torre Abbey Meadows recently you are missing an absolute treat.   It’s buzzing – literally. The bees are loving it!  The truly beautiful planting down there for 2020 is a real delight.   A colourful cloud from afar, just stunning up close.  A triumph!


This corner of English Riviera gorgeousness, at Brixham, is just one of many reasons to staycation this year.
It’s OK to venture a little further afield sometimes – and this is just a hop, skip and a jump from Babbacombe Bay…..


Beautiful day.  Plenty of friendly, cheerful social distancing going on.  Delightful to have an amble.

Beautiful on Babbacombe Downs


As we head into July many more businesses are re-opening and lockdown is easing more and more.  When going to any venue, business or outlet, please do bear in mind that all have, of course, had a really rough time.  To open now they have a host of guidelines they have to follow and, therefore, rules they have to implement.  But, these people know their businesses, they know their buildings and they know best how to keep their customers and their own teams safe. So, you know what? They may even have some extra rules of their own. If that’s the case, be grateful. Know that they have gone the extra mile to do the right thing, often at significant extra cost.  So, if you see a social media post, or a notice as you arrive at a business, which outlines a selection of new practices and requirements, read them, take them in and, frankly, be impressed by them.  We really are all in this together and this is still a very serious situation which requires us all to do our bit.

Every community needs businesses that it can trust to put safety first.
Every business needs a community that it can trust to put safety first.

Work with, and take time to understand, your favourite local businesses – we’re sure they’ll appreciate it.

Enjoy being out and about – but not at the expense of other people enjoying it too.


Here comes July


The lovely Tessier Gardens is now open again.
Thanks to all the team for looking after it and sharing it with us.
If you’re after a spot of peace and tranquility and a shady bench or two, then this is the place for you.
Just perfect.

Tessier Gardens, Babbacombe Bay


Bunting and blue sky – this is how we do shopping centres in Babbacombe Bay

St Marychurch Precinct


Stunning June day in beautiful Babbacombe Bay.


A very warm welcome to the scrumptious Cockington Chocolate Company.  The latest business to join our website and social media mix.  Yet another unique and independent business choosing Babbacombe Bay as its home.
This great business now resides in the ever-popular St Marychurch Precinct and combines art and chocolate – great combination.  Cockington Chocolate makes innovative, bespoke chocolates using only the finest Belgian chocolate and they are all handmade from raw materials in the shop in full view of customers. So, not only is this the place to buy these delicious treats, you also get to see them being created. How fantastic, and unusual, is that? As if all of that wasn’t enough, the shop also has an incredible range of paintings, resin work, greetings cards and ‘Chuckles’ gift design range.  Currently open from 9am to 5pm, Tuesday to Saturday, the shop is, of course, practising a range of extra precautions to keep everyone safe at this time. As well as offering all their usual temptingly tasty creations, owners Tony and Simon are always happy to chat to customers about ideas or projects that they may be thinking about.

Cockington Chocolate Shop front

JUNE 2020

In these unprecedented times please feel free to browse the website for an idea of all the fabulous businesses, attractions, goings-on and scenery on offer in this beautiful area. As is the case everywhere, things are changing all the time as Babbacombe Bay groups, attractions and businesses adapt to the current circumstances. We have attempted to keep listings up to date but, should you be interested in the latest news about any of our listings do please follow the links to either websites or social media pages.

MAY 2020

As we continue along these times are no longer unprecedented but something we are becoming used to.  However your time is being spent, we hope that you are safe and well and surrounded by good people.  

APRIL 2020

As is the case everywhere, Babbacombe Bay is currently doing what it can to get through the current situation and come together as a community. Those who live in the bay will be aware of all that is happening to provide help and support. Those outside the bay, we look forward to sharing this amazing place with you once again, when the time is right in the future.

MARCH 2020

Obviously, at present, we find ourselves in a rapidly changing situation. We are doing our best to ensure that the information you find on this website is correct but please bear with us, and all those listed, as we try to keep on top of all the changes. For the most up to date information please use the links provided and visit the individual websites of those listed on our website.
One thing that doesn’t change, is what a beautiful place Babbacombe Bay is. Something we continue to celebrate.


The ideal spot to take a moment….. or two


Introducing you to the latest addition to our mix:
English Riviera Walking Tours
What’s nicer than exploring this gorgeous area on foot? Well, throw in a guide to tell you all sorts of fascinating information and you’ve got a perfect couple of hours ahead.
English Riviera Walking Tours offer just that.
With various routes on offer including Beauty of the Bay, Timeless Torquay, A Gentle Introduction to Agatha Christie and Best of Babbacombe.
The Babbacombe walks are each Friday – one starting at 11am and one at 3pm. This circular walk meets by the wishing well in front of Babbacombe Theatre. Visiting Babbacombe Beach, Oddicombe Beach, Babbacombe Cliff Railway, St Marychurch, Tessier Gardens and Cary Park.
All walks cost £10 per person (children under 16 go free when accompanied by an adult) and last between 1½ and 3 hours.


Who has been to see the fabulous Superstars at Babbacombe Theatre since it opened?
Well, it’s on every Tuesday and Wednesday at 8.15pm and is just perfect for anyone looking for an evening of laughter and a bit of escapism from….. well, you know….. the crazy!
This amazing theatre right on our doorstep is such a joy. Simple as that

SuperStars, Babbacombe Theatre


March on Babbacombe Downs…..

March on Babbacombe Downs



We’ve been updating our What’s On page and it always reminds us what a busy and thriving place Babbacombe Bay is.  In March alone there are variety theatre shows, quizzes, walking tours, an art exhibition, live entertainment, local history talk and an Osmond (yep, a real Osmond) performing live at the fabulous BabbacombeTheatre.  And that’s the stuff that we know about…..

If you’re doing something and we don’t know about it then please do get in touch and we’ll add you to the mix.   People do sometimes tag us in their events and that’s fine but we like to link up properly and get all the details before we publish things so do get in contact and we’ll get sorted.

Babbacombe Theatre

Babbacombe Theatre


Topsy turvy pic from an English Riviera landmark…..

Berry Head Lighthouse

Berry Head Lighthouse


Spring is springing.  The days are getting longer.  The sky is full of sunshine, showers and rainbows galore.  Hope you’re all managing to find time for a bit of fresh air here and there.

Spring, Babbacombe Bay

Spring, Babbacombe Bay


Ending our extra long February on a high on Babbacombe Downs.  See what we did there?
Ending it on a high with lovely blue sky and a nice rainbow.  Plus, ending it on a high on Babbacombe Downs because it’s….. well, high!


Slight venture out of Babbacombe Bay today to an oh-so-sunny Teignmouth.  Just a hop, skip and jump along the coast road.  South Devon winter sunshine.


Really pleased to see so  many new people following us on our social media accounts across Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

Sunrise, Babbacombe Bay

Sunrise, Babbacombe Bay


A very warm welcome to the lovely team at the Anchorage Hotel Torquay as we add them to the Zzz page of our website.  Superbly located in Cary Park with very easy access to St Marychurch and Babbacombe, Tessier Gardens, Babbacombe Downs, Oddicombe Beach and all the great local attractions, this fabulous hotel provides an ideal base for a Babbacombe Bay break.  They also have a temptingly tasty menu available all week so why not pop in and check them out?

The Anchorage Hotel, Babbacombe Bay

The Anchorage Hotel, Babbacombe Bay


2020 Vision Of Art
Spanish Barn
Torre Abbey

FREE to look around and open from 11am to 4pm every day (except Mondays).   Art in all shapes and sizes. Originals and prints. From the abstract to the instantly recognisable. Prices to suit any pocket. Why visit? Simple.
It’s a lovely exhibition in a beautiful building, it’s free, it’s an opportunity to buy a great gift or lovely, unique addition for your home.


Amazing rainbow in Babbacombe Bay today…..

Rainbow over Babbacombe Bay

Rainbow over Babbacombe Bay


The lovely gang at Babbacombe Bay Bloomers are busy creating, one way or another, all year round.
This time, it’s on-line. They have a band new website detailing their work, their aims, their awards (gosh, they win a lot of stuff!), plenty of images and all sorts of fascinating facts.
This group does so much to brighten our world and, hopefully, this new website will help spread the word about what they’re up to and maybe encourage more volunteers.
So, do make sure you take a look at their website.


A very warm welcome, today, to our latest listing, 1 Vision Print.  Owned and run by Martin Taylor, 1 Vision Print has long had many Babbacombe Bay clients, including a whole host of our other Babbacombe Bay listings, such as The Babbacombe Inn, Babbacombe Cliff Railway, Hanbury’s Famous Fish and Chips and Three Degrees West to name but a few.  Fantastic service from ideas stage through design and on to delivery of the final product, 1 Vision not only provides plenty of information, experience, and great concepts but also delivers on time and to an agreed price.
Quotes and chat available any time – simply get in touch with Martin either by calling 01803 500050 or click here to visit the website.

Three Degrees West, Oddicombe Beach, Babbacombe


Towards the end of a February day in Babbacombe Bay…..

Babbacombe Downs


Bracing day in Babbacombe Bay…..

Babbacombe Bay


We’ve been doing some web updates recently.
We’ve got some fab new local businesses to bring you – we’ll introduce those shortly.
We’ve updated quite a few pages and listings – if you’re with us, don’t forget to tell us any of your news.
We’ve got some new events on the What’s On pages – again, don’t forget to tell us about your event if you’re not already in our line-up.
We’ve got a new WOW gallery on our Home page. Thought we’d freshen it up as we hurtle towards spring – always a lovely time in Babbacombe Bay.


Hello everyone.  We’ve been having a little break from social media but still working away behind the scenes.
We will be back very soon with all sorts of news and updates for you.
In the meantime, just wondered if you’d help us out with something, please.
We’re having a mull about what we do, when we do it and how we communicate.
That’s where you come in.
We’ve devised a short, ten-question survey that we’d love you to take a look at, please.
All responses gratefully received – for help with our mulling.
Thanks very much.
Please click here to take part.


Hope your 2020 is going well so far.
We are taking a little social media break so will disappear from your timelines for a while.
In the meantime, if you would like to join our mix please feel free to get in touch via our Keep In Touch page and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can.
Thanks for following us and we’ll be back again soon…..


A waterside winter wander in Babbacombe Bay – just lovely out there today.



Babbacombe Bay.  Christmas decorations supplied by nature.


If you haven’t been to see it yet, or haven’t got round to booking in, then get your skates on so you don’t miss out.
“Wonderful Christmastime” won’t be on for much longer (the clue’s in the name).
Take a look at the Babbacombe Theatre Facebook page, pop in to the Box Office or visit their website to check availability for the remaining performances on Boxing Day, Saturday 28 December and New Year’s Day.


Blue sky thinking


Don’t forget to take a moment or two for some fresh air if you can.  Plenty of lovely walks and paths around…..


A little local sunshine and serenity.  Celebrating and embracing all the seasons.


Thank you to all our likers, commenters, followers and sharers.
We are here to celebrate beautiful Babbacombe Bay and we are delighted that you are here to celebrate it with us.
Across our 3 social media accounts (we’re on Instagram and Twitter and Facebook) we have nearly 2,500 people keeping an eye on what we are posting on social media.
We set out to inspire, inform and, hopefully, help entertain you.


Free for all to enjoy…..


Have you all checked out all the cracking Christmas specials and delights at the Royal Windsor Restaurant Carvery and Tea Room?  Handily located in Reddenhill Road, make sure you’re following them on Facebook to keep up to date with all their news…..


St Marychurch Precinct…..


Coming soon.
Lovely opportunity to browse some stalls in the Babbacombe Corinthian Sailing Club clubhouse next to the Co-Op and buy from some local suppliers.


Cary Park in the snow.  Just a little festive bit of fun…..


As we all know, we have a huge range of brilliant bars and restaurants in Babbacombe Bay and, for those listed with us, we’re doing our best to bring you as many highlights of excellent events and goings-on as we can.
Today, we thought we’d tell you about the New Year’s Eve Party at The Buccaneer Inn on Babbacombe Downs.
If 50, 60s and 70s music is your stuff then why not join them for a great night out?


Who hasn’t yet checked out the delicious delights created by Ness?
For all sorts of sweet treats, visit her website at or take a look at her Facebook page at Ness’s Heavenly Cakes
For more on Ness, and all sorts of amazing local suppliers have a browse of our website too.


How about these wonderful creations from the team at MooBoo Home?
Check out their Facebook page, website or visit them in person at Cockington Court
Their studio is open from 10am, Tuesday to Saturday and by appointment on Sundays.
Gorgeous gifts…..


From a slightly different viewpoint.  See  the churches in the distance?


For plenty of festive events, shopping and ideas please do have a browse.  If you’ve got something to share and we’re not yet listing you then get in touch pronto and we’ll sort it out.


Quick little Christmas check:
You do all know that the utterly delightful “Wonderful Christmastime” at Babbacombe Theatre is on each Wednesday, don’t you?  Right, good.  So, how to make that even better?  Can it be done? Oh, yes. Indeed it can.
Brace yourselves for the perfect Babbacombe Bay afternoon.
Here’s what happens:
You book your place at the lovely Lunch and Matinee brought to you by the teams at the theatre and The Babbacombe Inn
On Wednesday 11 December you have a fabulous festive lunch (the full 3 courses) at The Babbacombe Inn.
You relax, eat, drink, be as merry as you fancy.
Then, when the time is right, you mosey on over the road (stop, look and listen) and take your seats for an afternoon of laughter and fun at the theatre with your place ready and waiting for you at the matinee performance.
All for just £29.95 per person.
Now, that is a Christmassy way to spend an afternoon. Right?
To book your place, call The Babbacombe Inn on 01803 316200 and they’ll get you sorted.
Babbacombe Bay – the gift that keeps on giving…..


Why not pop in to Tessera HUB Creative Design in Reddenhill Road this week and create your very own decorations and/or Christmas cards? With a host of great ideas and design options you’re bound to find all sorts to make your Christmas sparkle.  Check out the Facebook page for more info and to see what workshop times and dates are available.


Let’s get festive…..


Blast and a half of fabulous fresh air.
Babbacombe Downs is not only a great place for a wander but home to so many thriving businesses all offering something special.  Drinks, meals, entertainment and Christmas shows, along with a host of excellent places to stay….. Oh, and a cliff railway!  Can’t complain.


Now, we’re not going full-on festive until December arrives, but we couldn’t help but notice how superbly sparkly St Marychurch precinct is currently looking.
Don’t forget to get in touch with your seasonal stock, stories and shenanigans so that we can add them to our mix when we do go full-on festive next week…..


Wishing you all a great week ahead in beautiful Babbacombe Bay, whatever the weather.
Don’t forget to check out all the fabulous local shops and buy all sorts of goodies you won’t find elsewhere.
Then, when you need a break, enjoy a drink and a bite to eat in one of our lovely local eateries.
We’re building up to our fully festive month of December and updating our website each day.
If you have any great products, ideas, offering or events you want to share then get in touch so that we can include you.



Magical, mysterious and magnificent


Bit churny (that’s a word, right?)



We’re adding events to our What’s On page.
We’re adding news to our Babbacombe Bay Latest page.
We’re posting pics on Instagram.
We’re tweeting on Twitter.
We’re sharing as much as we can on our Facebook page.

If we’re not yet sharing what you are up to then get in touch so that we can. In the meantime, we’re just looking for all of our great Babbacombe Bay winter pics to share with you in the coming weeks. We’re sure we left them around here somewhere….


Looking for somewhere perfectly located in beautiful Babbacombe Bay for a few days away? Or, maybe you have family or friends looking to visit but you don’t have the space to accommodate them yourself.
Look no further. The team at The Downs, Babbacombe have the following offer running. From now until 12th December (inclusive) rear facing rooms are £60 per night, 1st and 2nd floor compact sea view balcony rooms are £70 per night. Prices include breakfast. Standard sea view balcony rooms are also available but are not part of the offer. They are dog friendly too! Call Kate or Nicola on 01803 328543 to discuss. Terms and conditions apply. Rooms are subject to availability. Applicable to new telephone bookings only. Offers may be removed at any time.


We are delighted to welcome the lovely treasure trove that is La Vie en Rose Boutique to our website and social media mix. It’s also the perfect time to tell you about the ideal opportunity to pop in and check out all the great goodies they have on offer. Because, this Saturday 16 November is their sparklingly special Christmas Shopping Event from 2pm to 4pm. With discounts and treats galore why not pay them a visit and see what goodies take your fancy? Superbly located on Babbacombe Road, the Princes Street car park is perfectly placed should you need it.



November is a bit hectic weather-wise, isn’t it?
No bother.
Babbacombe Bay is ALWAYS full of great places to go, things to do and treats to eat, whatever the weather, whatever the time of year. To check out plenty of ideas have a browse of the website or simply search for “Babbacombe Style”.
Don’t forget, if we’re not yet listing you, and what you’re up to, then simply hop over to our Keep In Touch page and do just that.


A view to help you relax if the noise of the fireworks is bit much…..


A little montage of some favourites:


This was just last week.
Sometimes things can seem a little bleak but, they can change and, hopefully, something more beautiful will be back very soon…..


Dramatic start to the day…..


We are here to promote and celebrate all that’s great about Babbacombe Bay. So, if you’re part of something that fits the bill then get in touch as we’d love to know about it.


Who’s ready for some sunshine and bracing Babbacombe Bay fresh air?….


Turn back time. Yep, it’s that time of year when we turn the clocks back. So, 8am will actually be 7am. 5pm will feel like 6pm. We’ll all say “this time yesterday it was…..” unsure of whether that’s quite right.
You know the drill.


So, let’s not get too wrapped up with Christmas (see what we did there?) just yet.
But, a bit of winter warmth and laughter wouldn’t go amiss would it?
Good news!
Just when you need it, the fabulous team at Babbacombe Theatre are back with “Wonderful Christmastime” which starts next Wednesday 30 October.
Lovely laughter and festive fun.
Check out their website for all the details and get yourselves booked in for a dose of sparkle.


Always a lovely view…..




Some Babbacombe Bay weekend highlights:

Good weather forecast.

Halloween Half Term Fun starts at Kents Cavern.

The Halloween Hunt starts at Bygones.

Great British Car Journeys on Channel 4 at 8pm on Saturday visits Oddicombe and Babbacombe Cliff Railway.

The Soul Man entertains at The Babbacombe Inn.

Sunday roasts are back at Three Degrees West on Oddicombe Beach.

Plenty of our great local shops and businesses are open.

Tessier Gardens is looking fabulous this autumn.

Babbacombe Downs is ALWAYS a good choice for a spot of fresh air and has plenty of tasty treats on offer at the various bars, cafes and restaurants along the way.

Just a few ideas in case you were mulling…..

Don’t forget, if you have a business, group, event or going-on in, or supplying, Babbacombe Bay then get in touch and we’ll add you to the mix.


Out and about…..



Celebrating Babbacombe Bay



Oddicombe Dog Day
Oddicombe Beach
Sunday 13 October


Something tranquil and warming. Just in case you need it…..


The perfect way to spend a sunny October day…..


Always enjoy browsing through old postcard collections and buying a few here and there. This is one of the latest purchases…..


Don’t forget that dogs are now welcome on all of our beautiful beaches once again. This adorable little chap loves a trip to Dartmoor (who doesn’t?) but has been dreaming of getting back to the beach…..


One from the library. Torquay Harbour looking sparkling…..


Beside the seaside at Meadfoot Beach…..


A cheerful, colourful image of deckchairs on Babbacombe Downs from some years ago.


Early morning
Great place to start the day then.
Still is…..


We’ve been doing a little work updating our What’s On page and you know what? October is heaving with things to do and live entertainment to enjoy in Babbacombe Bay. As always, we are super impressed by the options on offer. With great shows at Babbacombe Theatre and plenty to dance along to on a Saturday night at The Babbacombe Inn there are all sorts of half term treats lined up at Kents Cavern, Bygones Torquay and Babbacombe Model Village to name but a few – good times galore. Please do check out our What’s On page and, if you have any events or entertainment lined up that you would like us to share with everyone else, then get in touch.



Off the beaten track or somewhere you often visit?


Always beautiful…..


Something a little different for you. A fabulous property for sale, in Portland Road, just around the corner from the beautiful Babbacombe Downs. This lovely 3 bed cottage has been used as a holiday let business but it could be a business or a home. On the market for £249,950 why not take a look at the website for more information?
There’s a contact page on the website or, for more info or to arrange a viewing, call Christine on 07785 593322


Not too shabby…..


Superb September!
Please feel free to get in touch if you would like to join our mix celebrating all that’s great about Babbacombe Bay


A Babbacombe Cliff Railway favourite today.


Delightfully dappled wander beside the seaside…..


And another week begins in Beautiful Babbacombe Bay…..


Absolutely beautiful down on Oddicombe Beach this afternoon…..




Just beautiful…..



Another month, another great line-up of things to do, places to go etc etc. With the Torbay Holiday Helpers Network Festival of Fun on Babbacombe Downs this Saturday, there’s the fabulous Last Team Standing on Oddicombe Beach next Saturday (14/9) and plenty to do in between including guided walks and a great line-up of entertainment at Babbacombe Theatre. Check out our What’s On page for more info about all of these and more. And, if you have an event, entertainment or shenanigans that we should know about then please get in touch so we can add it to the mix. Anything great going on in Babbacombe Bay, we want to know about it.


Moody skies, great view…..


You know where this is, right?


Bright and beautiful Babbacombe Downs.
Perfect for a bit of space and fresh air, whatever the weather.


Coffee and a wander…..


Who’s having fun in Babbacombe Bay this weekend?


Enjoy the sunshine but don’t forget your sunscreen, maybe a hat, have some water with you…..
And, if you are going to take a dip in the sea, please do so wisely.
Have Bank Holiday fun to remember for all the right reasons.


Out and about on our doorstep. Enjoy your Babbacombe Bay Bank Holiday.


We are delighted to bring you a new listing on our Services page in the form of Virtual Assistant, Louise Roberts. Louise is offering outsourced admin services to small businesses in and around Babbacombe Bay and Torquay.
She is available to take on many of the time consuming everyday admin tasks within your business that you just know need doing but never seem to find the time to get around to.
So, if you’re a small business in need of a bit of help, support or back-up but don’t want to employ a member of staff then Louise could be exactly what you’re looking for.


Now, as you know, we love Babbacombe Bay but every now and then we venture a little further afield. Berry Head in Brixham is absolutely beautiful. A great place for a wander with loads of amazing birds, gorgeous flowers and plants to look out for along with stunning views.
All slightly enhanced with scrumptious coffee & cake from Guardhouse Café first. Maybe one to add to your “to visit” list.
Just an idea…..


The South West Coast Path never disappoints…..


Babbacombe Downs looking great after a combination of sunshine and showers 


We’re sure that the rain has been most welcome to the parched grass and plenty of the fabulous plants and flowers.


The perfect place to take a bit of time out…..


Delightful. Either way…..



August in Babbacombe Bay is so jam-packed with goings-on it’s almost ridiculous. If you haven’t checked out the What’s On page of our website yet, then head on over and take a look at


Beautiful Babbacombe Bay


So many great scarecrows at this year’s Scarecrow Festival. Here are a few to give you an idea…..


So, the grass is a bit parched but still a beautiful spot for a wander…..


Who’s heading for the beach this weekend?


We’re going to start glorious August with a thank you note. Thank you to all our followers, old and new. Thank you for the likes, the shares and the comments. Thank you for helping us celebrate all that’s great about Babbacombe Bay. We look forward to bringing you many more businesses, services, groups, events and whatnot in the coming weeks and months. For now, just sharing a favourite pic which we hope you like. Thanks, everyone.


Competition time coming up over at Babbacombe Cliff Railway soon. Check out their Facebook page to find out how you could win some tickets to ride the railway and a voucher to enjoy something scrumptious at Three Degrees West. All part of the tenth anniversary celebrations. What’s not to like?


Blue and white. Such a delight.


Blooming lovely Babbacombe Theatre. Don’t forget to check out the incredible line-up on offer at this fabulous venue.


Ever fancied finding out more about Babbacombe and St Marychurch while enjoying a pleasant walk around the area?
Well, each Tuesday morning, the Babbacombe and St Marychurch Local History Society provides just that.
The walks start at 10.30am from Babbacombe Downs, just by the Cliff Railway arch. One week is Babbacombe, the next week is St Marychurch. To see which is when, check out our What’s On page.
The walks are free to enjoy but donations are always welcome to help with the running of the society.
So, Tuesdays at 10.30am from Babbacombe Downs. Got it?


Walking beside the seaside…..



We have some new businesses, events and goings-on to tell you about and will be back with more Babbacombe Bay news and views very soon…..



Here’s to a July full of blue skies, sunshine and plenty to smile about…..



Summer breeze…..


Ahh, a little taster of the superb South West Coast Path between Babbacombe Bay and Torquay. Just beautiful.



2019 Scarecrow Festival – Friday 2 August until Saturday 10 August

So, you remember how impressive this was last year, right? Well, expect more of the same and who knows what great new scarecrow designs we’ll see this year? With 85, yes 85, different scarecrows to find on the 2019 trail this is an absolute must-do for….. well, everyone! Packs will be available nearer the time but we thought we’d give you a heads up as we wouldn’t you to miss out.


Lovely atmosphere, perfect weather and a great crowd celebrating Torbay Armed Forces Day 2019, Babbacombe Downs


Wishing you all a wonderful weekend…..


As the longest day looms it seems an ideal opportunity to share a Babbacombe Bay summer sunrise. Sometimes the most beautiful of moments are to be found just a stone’s throw away from the more well-trodden path. Wishing you a day full of light and loveliness….


We are looking ahead to Armed Forces Day which is coming back to Babbacombe Downs on Saturday 21 June. With the parade at 11am and music planned throughout the day, if you would like to show your support for our Armed Forces past and present, then this is a great opportunity to do so.


A little something to warm you up (should you need warming)…..


A warm welcome to our mix to another Babbacombe Bay business who has its home on the gorgeous Babbacombe Downs. The Royal Hotel and Carvery is a hotel and restaurant with en-suite bedrooms and and a great menu. Open from 10am each day pop in or find out more by visiting our Mmm page. To join our Babbacombe Bay mix drop us a line and we’ll be in touch.


A pic of the Sun temple in Tessier Gardens today. Something to focus on while the rain falls…..


Wishing you a wonderful week ahead.


Moody, right?
Sunshine and showers.
What a great Babbacombe Bay weekend.
Hope you all rocked around the ukulele clock down at the beach.
Photo montages now on line at the Facebook pages of Three Degrees West and Babbacombe Cliff Railway and Babbacombe Ukulele Strummers.


Here’s the uke-tastic plan for Saturday 8 June:

You ride Babbacombe Cliff Railway down the cliffs to the fabulous Oddicombe Beach.
You take a seat in the Music Marquee.
A host of ukulele bands entertains you ALL DAY!
You treat yourself to a snack or two from Three Degrees West
You have a laugh.
You have a sing.
Maybe you make new friends.
You ride Babbacombe Cliff Railway up the cliffs after a great day out



Beautiful start to the day.
Looking forward to a superb Saturday on Oddicombe Beach.
Bring on the ukuleles!


Have you noticed how much Valerian there is everywhere this year?
Must be a good year for it. Lovely, cheerful, seaside plant.


Team Babbacombe Cliff Railway has today announced that it has now carried over one million passengers since the community took over the running of the railway ten years ago. Don’t ever underestimate the beauty and appeal of Babbacombe Bay….. and its people.


A quick look at the line-up for next Saturday’s John Ayres Ukulele Proms on Oddicombe Beach.


Bathed in Babbacombe Bay sunshine…..


Looking forward to this…..



Enjoy some time out this weekend.


Dappled shade as you wander down the hill then unbroken sunshine floods Oddicombe Beach…..


Just one beautiful day after another.


Gotta love a bit of coast path…..


Have you heard about the Cave Cinema, Underground Film Festival this summer at the amazing Kents Cavern? 8 days of fabulous films underground from 24 to 31 August. How exciting. And, there really is something for everyone. From “The Greatest Showman” to “Alien” and from “Bohemian Rhapsody” to “The Blair Witch Project”. There will be music, there will be laughter and there will be some pretty scary moments.
Who’s in?
Tickets are available NOW (£10 per person) via their website. Click here to visit it.


An arty twist at Meadfoot Beach.


Ever thought about trying dinghy sailing but not sure it’s for you?
This could be right up your street….. well, right on your beach, anyway. FREE dinghy taster sessions from the crew at Babbacombe Corinthian Sailing Club on Saturday 25 May from 11am to 3pm. Sail from the lovely Oddicombe Beach under the guidance of experienced sailors who will be only too happy to show you the ropes. To book in simply e-mail


Wishing you a sparkling weekend.


To the beach! And beyond….. sort of.


Just lovely…..


This is how we do Wednesdays in Babbacombe Bay…..


So many beautiful little spots.


A spectacular Babbacombe Bay weekend in so many ways.
Hope you all enjoyed a free trip in Babbacombe Cliff Railway from up here to down there. Or, more importantly, from down there to up here.


Along Walls Hill


A slightly different view of beautiful Babbacombe Bay…..


Who’s going to enjoy a free trip on Babbacombe Cliff Railway this Saturday?


Delighted to add Ness’s Heavenly Cakes to our website and social media mix today. Check out our Shopping page for more info.


We’re here to celebrate all that’s great about Babbacombe Bay (and a wee bit beyond). Please do get in touch if you have a business, group, event or a spot of exciting news to share. As well as our website, we also have 3 social media accounts on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.


Hope you have all had a great Bank Holiday weekend and perhaps a little rest somewhere nice along the way.



We now have over 2000 followers across our 3 social media accounts.
Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.
Thank you to everyone who follows us and thank you for all the lovely interaction. Celebrating all that’s great about Babbacombe Bay. Together.


Looking forward to seeing a hint of beautiful Babbacombe Bay in next week’s episode of “Don’t Forget The Driver”. Really beautifully put together series.
Thought-provoking and totally charming at the same time. Tuesday 7 May. 10pm. BBC


Sharing a few montages of favourite images on social media this week. Check out our Facebook page if you’re not already following –


Some interesting job opportunities at Three Degrees West on Oddicombe Beach – check out their Facebook page for more at



A warm welcome to the lovely, crafty Tessera Hub who has recently joined our website and social media mix. This great workshop and retail outlet is based in the parade of shops in Reddenhill Road and is the ideal place to get creative. With all sorts of great projects to make with help and guidance on site, a few hours at Tessera Hub on your own or in a group, are a few hours well spent. Visit our Shopping page to find out more.


Thursdays are about to get a LOT better! Coming soon….. “I Love Music” at Babbacombe Theatre. Starting on Thursday 2 May and then running on each Thursday through until October, this fun-filled show promises to take you on an inspirational musical journey, encapsulating all genres on the musical spectrum.


Well, Easter was pretty spectacular wasn’t it? Thank you for all the Likes, Comments, Shares etc of late across our social media accounts. Between us all, we’re most definitely spreading Babbacombe Bay beauty far and wide! 
We will, as always, do our best to bring you all sorts of interesting snippets, pics and whatnot, so stay tuned….. Thank you.





What a stunning day in Babbacombe Bay.


Wishing you all a tranquil Easter Bank Holiday weekend.


Whatever the weather (within reason) a wander beside the seaside is always a good idea…..
Sturdy shoes required!


Just checking that you all know that Three Degrees West on Oddicombe Beach is now open from 9am, seven days a week.
Coffee at the beach to start your day.
What’s not to like?


Enjoy beautiful Babbacombe Bay this week in the run up to the lovely, long Easter Bank Holiday weekend.


Have a great weekend.


These longer days are just perfect for an evening stroll…..


Thursday evening illuminations start now at Babbacombe Model Villageand happen every Thursday until October 18th.
Plus Mondays to Fridays from July 29th to August 30th . See the Model Village in a whole new light (see what we did there?) If you visit in the day, don’t forget to pick up your photo pass to go back in the evening for FREE.


A warm welcome today to the lovely Hillfolk Illustration, the latest local business to be added to our website and social media mix.
Gorgeous, local landscapes presented in a fresh, new way and available as cards, prints etc.


You may have heard about a new, dark comedy set in sunny seaside Bognor Regis, which starts on BBC2 today at 10pm.
The show has a great cast and sounds like a really interesting new idea.
Plus, with beautiful Babbacombe Bay featuring in episode 5 we’re definitely going to be giving it a go.
Here’s what the team responsible for it have to say about it: It explores what it means to live, work and parent at a point when the entire UK population is having to come to terms with the changing colour of their passports.
Coach driver and single dad Peter Green leads a life of ordinary routine; clip on ties, limp packed lunches, vehicle checks, round-trip coach journeys ferrying church groups to donkey sanctuaries and Japanese tourists to Canterbury Cathedral.
Green is at full stretch just about coping with his disaffected daughter Kayla (bored to a state of almost total inertia in a place that has nothing for her) and Audrey, his mum, whose life is rapidly descending into confusion and fear. The discovery of a dead body on the docile Bognor shoreline and an unsettling meeting with a new arrival in town throws Green’s life into chaos – a lost soul in need of assistance, who he could help. But will he? Can he?
Don’t Forget The Driver follows a group of people struggling with their place in the world, their own sense of identity, and reveals how, in one single moment, even in the most ordinary of lives, an accidental encounter can change the course of everything.
Toby Jones and Tim Crouch said: “Don’t Forget The Driver is a love-song to Bognor. It’s filmed with care, attention and a warm, gentle wit. The series is about a moment when a seemingly small life interacts with the wider world. Bognor sits on the edge of England – facing out towards Europe. The modern world has arrived and yet Bognor still has the unmistakable air of a seaside town holding onto its traditional values.
“It’s like two rivers joining – a sometimes mis-remembered past and an unknown future. Bognor has become a good place to explore many of the themes of national identity that are gripping our country. When we were filming, we were very lucky with the weather as well – Bognor really put on a show for us and we hope viewers love it as much as we do.”


Blue sky, sunshine and April flowers.


The final day of our Babbacombe Bay #englishtourismweek selection of photos. Hope you’ve enjoyed them. We end with a uplifting image of sunrise on Babbacombe Downs.


Just a couple more days to go of our special Babbacombe Bay #englishtourismweek selection


The ever-lovely Tessier Gardens


A great view approaching Babbacombe Beach – another of our #englishtourismweek selection.


St Marychurch Precinct looking delightful


A Babbacombe Bay icon.


An evening stroll along Babbacombe Downs – pic three of our #englishtourismweek2019 selection


Pic two celebrating #englishtourismweek2019


The first of some of our most well-received pictures that we are posting over the next nine days as part of #englishtourismweek2019


30 March to 7 April is #englishtourismweek2019 Babbacombe Bay is, as we know, a bit of a stunner. Getting involved with things like Tourism Week is another great way to promote an area. And, if an area grows in popularity then all the businesses, groups and goings-on benefit too. We’ve been having a think about what we could do as part of the campaign. Pictures can often speak louder than words and, as we have more than our fair share of stunning views, we thought the best thing we could do was to feature a different photo each day to highlight some favourite spots. So, we’re just having a look through some of the most-liked images over the past year or so and will bring you nine classics in the coming days across all of our social media platforms.


Tessier Gardens. Always a treat.


Babbacombe Cliff Railway runs from 9am to 5pm every day.
From Babbacombe Downs to Oddicombe Beach and back again.
Let the sun shine.


We start the week with a beautifully brimming “What’s On” page and work going on behind the scenes with some lovely new listings which we’ll be bringing you soon. To find out more about what we do and how to get involved simply Google “Babbacombe Style” and browse our website and social media pages. You’ll find plenty of our pics in the Google Images pages too…..


A fresh, new week…..


We like this.
Simple as that. Don’t forget to get in touch if you are part of a group, business, event or organisation either in, or serving, Babbacombe Bay and we can chat about including you in our mix.


Wishing you a great weekend, come rain or shine. And, even if it does rain, that break in the clouds hopefully won’t be far away.


‪A touch of Teignmouth tranquility for you.‬ ‪ A short, but beautiful, meandering drive, ride, bus trip or walk along the coast from our very own Babbacombe Bay…..‬


So, apparently, 21 March is International Day Of Forests. Who knew? Anyway, gives us an excuse to share this foresty pic with a Babbacombe Bay icon gliding through the trees…..


With Mother’s Day fast approaching we’re so lucky to have so many amazing shops for card and gift ideas. Just look at this lovely selection of cards available at Portfolio Gallery.


“Belgian Refugees in Devon during the Great War” – In 1914 around a quarter of a million Belgian refugees fled to Britain after their country was invaded.
Devon played its part helping during this humanitarian crisis. On Thursday 21 March at 7.30pm in St Anne’s Hall, Babbacombe, you can find out all about some of the stories of that time. Ciaran Stoker will be giving a talk for the Local History Society to which everyone is welcome. The evening is FREE for members and just £3 for non-members to attend.


Today is World Happiness Day. Rainbows make everyone smile, right?


After yesterday’s reminder of snowy times, today we’re going to warm you up with a reminder of sunny times.


This time last year…..


Another week has brought another new batch of followers across our social media mix of Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.
Thank you to all of you. The plan is to celebrate Babbacombe Bay, to uplift and inspire you, where possible, and to keep you informed about all sorts of businesses, groups, news, offers, events and whatnot that we think you might like. We won’t inundate your timeline – quality will always be more important than quantity. Thanks so much for getting on board. Now you can sit back and relax while we bring you plenty of positivity and good vibes as we all enjoy what Babbacombe Bay has to offer.


Fabulous fun planned for Oddicombe Beach this June.



Scoopy Doos re-opens in St Marychurch


A warm moment in Tessier Gardens.


A warm and tranquil moment on Oddicombe Beach to cheer everyone on a stormy day.


The enchanting English Riviera…..


Take a walk.
Take a pew.
Take a moment.
Enjoy the view .


What a start to the day…..


Some of the lovely rooms at the Seabreeze on Babbacombe Downs have recently been updated and are looking absolutely stunning.
Check out our Facebook page for more.


Who fancies a few days away in beautiful Babbacombe Bay? The Downs, Babbacombe, has some particularly fab prices on offer for a Babbacombe Bay break over the next few weeks. Check out our Facebook page for more.


Lovely old postcard featuring Babbacombe Downs


March is going nicely so far…..


Looking forward to plenty of stunning days, in Babbacombe Bay and beyond, throughout spring….. and summer.


Blooming marvellous in Tessier Gardens today.


Not quite Babbacombe Bay, but on our doorstep. A stunning weekend on the English Riviera…..


Enjoy and explore. Oh, and wear sturdy shoes…..


Currently updating our What’s On page with some new events as we head towards spring.


Looking forward to another wonderful winter week beside the seaside in Babbacombe Bay…..


THE GREATEST SHOW! This is a special year at Babbacombe Theatre and this year’s variety show is pretty special too. “Starburst” is already receiving rave reviews! Performances are at 8.15pm every Tuesday and Wednesday right through until the end of October. Perfect for a fun night out. Ideal if you have friends or family staying. If you’re on holiday in the area make sure you book in for a brilliant Babbacombe Bay treat. Always a delight.


Babbacombe Bay is so full of great places to go and things to do. We’ve said it before, and we’ll say it again, we have more than our fair share of great attractions on our doorstep. Today, we thought we’d remind you all about the delight that is Babbacombe Model Village. Throughout February, the opening hours are 10.30am to 4pm and there are special winter prices to take advantage of. Plus, don’t forget to get your Photo Pass on the way out giving you the opportunity to visit again FREE of charge at some point over the following seven days.



We just knew it was going to be a good week in Babbacombe Bay.
Didn’t we say so? Not only has the new show at Babbacombe Theatre started but Babbacombe Cliff Railway has now re-opened for the year, too. We know you’re a sturdy lot and happy to walk up and down the path but, just in case you need a helping hand, the railway is now running again and will do so from 9am each and every day. Thriving, vibrant Babbacombe Bay…..


It’s time for a little thank you from us. We seem to have a lovely flow of new followers joining us across all of our social media platforms and we’re very grateful. We really do appreciate it and hope you enjoy our posts. Thank you.



Delighted to add the lovely Headland View to our list of accommodation providers. Another great place to stay, fantastically located on Babbacombe Downs. Please click here to find out more.


Let the season really begin…..
The brand new show at Babbacombe Theatre opens this week with performances on Tuesday and Wednesday. Then on throughout the summer and out the other side until October. Always a laugh. Always an opportunity to sing along. Always a great atmosphere. Right on our doorsteps.


Looking forward to a great week in Babbacombe Bay…..


The beautiful Babbacombe Downs is home to many great businesses – bars, cafes, hotels, restaurants, a theatre….. you get the idea. One of those businesses is The Buccaneer Inn and we are delighted that they have joined our website and social media mix. This great bar and restaurant also has rooms available to book if you’re looking for comfy, smart, fabulously located accommodation in the area. To find out more about what’s on offer visit the ‘Mmm‘ and ‘Zzz‘ pages of our website.


A very warm welcome, today, to the lovely team at Animal Health Centre in Watcombe. This fabulous veterinary practice has state-of-the-art facilities and a wonderfully friendly, professional team. Their expertise is second to none and they treat each animal with enormous care. They know that your pet is a member of the family and treat them accordingly. Open six days a week, and with an emergency hotline, so that you’re never without great advice if you’re worried (01803 313400), click here to check out their listing on our website or pop in to the surgery at 43 Moor Lane, TQ2 8NU. Consulting hours are: Monday to Friday – 9am to midday and 5pm to 7pm; Saturday – 9am to midday


Seems as though it could be a bit of a blustery Babbacombe Bay day today. Plenty of great places for a hot drink and a cosy snack but don’t forget to wear a hat and scarf if you’re out and about. Stay safe.


Underneath the arches of Babbacombe Bay


Planning any new projects?
This time of year is a popular one for mulling a revamp and, if you are planning anything, some electrical work may well need doing. This can be daunting. It needn’t be. Give the team at Datel Electrical Ltd a call and they will happily provide a no-obligation quote for any work that might need doing. They’re a friendly, professional bunch and will advise you on what’s best for you. So, check out their website at or call them on 01803 874074 – they’d love to hear from you.


Holiday plans?
If you’re looking to visit Babbacombe Bay, or you live here and have friends or family wanting to stay but you’re a bit short of space, then these deals currently on offer from The Downs, Babbacombe might be just the ticket.

Book 4 nights and receive 1 additional night free –…/october-offer-now-extended-…/

20% off an Early Bird Easter Break –…/early-bird-easter-break-off…/


Winter Bike Check
Did you know that the expert team at Bay Cycles offer a FREE Winter Bike Check to make sure your bike is in top condition so that you can ride it safely?
Ideal for that extra peace of mind in this chilly weather. Bay Cycles is in St Marychurch Precinct and open Monday to Saturday 9am to 5.30pm (6.30pm on Thursdays). To book your bike in for the Winter Bike Check simply give them a call on 01803 316785 or e-mail them via the Contact page of their website. For full details of this offer plus the other servicing options available visit


Four seasons in one day. OK, so we didn’t have QUITE that much snow today but you get the idea…..


How about this for a great line up of events at Babbacombe Cliff Railway and down on Oddicombe Beach?


Wishing you all a beautiful Babbacombe Bay weekend…..


News of a fantastic event coming soon to raise money to buy a defibrillator for St Marychurch Precinct. Check out our What’s On page for more…..

Sounds like fun…..


Today we welcome The Downs, Babbacombe, to our website and social media mix. This award winning, family run, fully licensed, pet-friendly, guest accommodation offers 12 stylish en-suite bedrooms, delicious breakfasts and plenty more besides. We are delighted to add them to our list of Babbacombe Bay businesses.

Guest bedroom with a view…..


January postcard from our latest WOW! gallery featuring some great Babbacombe Bay pictures.

Some Babbacombe Bay favourites


Lovely winter wander…..

Beautiful January day in Babbacombe Bay


New WOW! gallery on our Home page. We’ve taken down the frosty delights and replaced them with a few new faves. Hope you like them


We know what a nostalgic, and rock ‘n’ roll bunch you are so we thought you might like this. For the next couple of months at the fabulous Torre Abbey Museum you can browse all sorts of amazing music memorabilia, courtesy of the infamous Lionel Digby. Why not check it out?
To find out more, including details of opening times, prices etc, check out the website at

Torbay Rocks at Torre Abbey


Delighted to be getting new Likers and Followers across our 3 social media platforms every day. If you’d like to see what we’re up to please search for @babbacombestyle on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Thanks very much.


Three Degrees West, on Oddicombe Beach, re-opens on Wednesday (16/1) at 9am and will then be open Wednesday to Sunday each week.
Breakfast at the beach – the perfect way to start your day.

Dine at the beach


Sparkling Babbacombe Bay winter sunshine.




Delighted to add great local business, Bay Cycles, to our website today. Check out our shopping page for more information.

Bay Cycles in St Marychurch Precinct


Here’s to another stunning year in Babbacombe Bay…..

Here’s to another stunning year in Babbacombe Bay


Babbacombe Bay Christmas postcard…..


A choppy day in the bay…..


A favourite pic from a few years ago…..

St Marychurch Precinct, Babbacombe Bay

St Marychurch Precinct, Babbacombe Bay


Christmas Gifts galore at Babbacombe Sailing Club’s event today.  FREE admission.  Open from 10am to 3pm.


Loads of great gift ideas this year at Bygones.  Their shop is open every day and free to wander around so why not pop in and take a look at their excellent selection?

Bygones great gift selection

Bygones great gift selection


A little reminder of the fabulous Lunch and Matinee deal on offer from The Babbacombe Inn and Babbacombe Theatre.  Just £29.95 buys you a superb 3-course Christmas Lunch and a ticket to that afternoon’s matinee. This offer is only available on Wednesday 12 December so give the Inn a call on 01803 316200 to book in.

Christmas Lunch and Matinee in Babbacombe Bay

Christmas Lunch and Matinee in Babbacombe Bay


Thought we’d update our social media profile with a super, snowy pic for a seasonal feel…..

Snowy Babbacombe Downs

Snowy Babbacombe Downs


Out and about shopping locally – so many lovely things in Portfolio Gallery, in St Marychurch

Christmas goodies at Portfolio Gallery

Christmas goodies at Portfolio Gallery


The fabulous Fiesta Red, in St Marychurch Precinct, brightening up a slightly grey day…..

Fiesta Red in St Marychurch Precinct

Fiesta Red in St Marychurch Precinct


A warm welcome to Wellies today – the latest business to be added to our website and social media mix.  This lovely cafe/bar/bistro is right on our doorstep and serves a fabulous selection of food and drink.  Click here to read more about them.

Wellies of Wellswood

Wellies of Wellswood


Delighted to add Fiesta Red Florist to our website today.  Family run, independent local business based in St Marychurch.  Click here to read more about them.

Fiesta Red Floral Arrangement

Fiesta Red Floral Arrangement


So, some serious seasonal sparkle has officially arrived in Babbacombe Bay.  “Christmas Crackers” at Babbacombe Theatre​ is now on each Wednesday with some extra performances over Christmas as well.  It only opened last week and incredible reviews are already pouring in:

“What a fantastic show. This is lots of fun and laughter, fantastic dancers, great singers and a fantastic magician. A must see for all the family”

“FAB U LOUS! What an amazing show. 5 star cast, 5 star entertainment, 5 star dancers! Will come and bring my friends just so I can watch again! Must see Christmas show. Loved it!”

It really is the perfect way to get in the festive mood.  For more on this amazing show and other sparkling, seasonal goings-on in Babbacombe Bay (including a great deal on lunch at The Babbacombe Inn​ and a matinee performance at the theatre), please check out our Seasonal Sparkle page.

Sparklingly festive at Babbacombe Theatre

Sparklingly festive at Babbacombe Theatre


We are delighted to now have over 1500 followers across our 3 social media accounts on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.  Thank you to all who have followed us and, if you’d like to, please do feel free.  Thanks.

Babbacombe Bay Thank You

Babbacombe Bay Thank You


Topsy Turvy Tessier

Topsy Turvy Tessier


So many fantastic new Christmas ideas being added to our Seasonal Sparkle page all the time.

So much seasonal sparkle in Babbacombe Bay

So much seasonal sparkle in Babbacombe Bay


Don’t forget to change the clocks…..

Clocks change!

Clocks change!


Enjoying some spectacular sunrises this month…..

Awesome October on Oddicombe

Awesome October on Oddicombe


Another stunning day in Babbacombe Bay

Another stunning day in Babbacombe Bay


Last week of Starshine at Babbacombe Theatre so if you haven’t seen it yet, you’d better hurry.  Ends this Wednesday.

Starshine at Babbacombe Theatre

Starshine at Babbacombe Theatre


We are delighted to welcome John Lake Estate Agents to our Babbacombe Bay website.  Established 30 years ago they certainly have plenty of local knowledge and expertise to help you find the perfect home in this stunning area.
With two offices in St Marychurch (right opposite each other) covering both their sales and lettings businesses they have a huge range of properties available in the bay and beyond.  To find out more why not pop in to see them?
Or click here to visit their listing on our website.  

John Lake offices in St Marychurch

John Lake offices in St Marychurch


Technical help…..

Struggling with modern technology?
We all know someone who wants to embrace the world of current technology and communication but finds it all a bit daunting.  Well, help is at hand.  Paul Freathy from @PhotoMattersTorquay is now an accredited “We Are Digital Tutor” and is offering training in all aspects of computer training including e-mailing, printing, buying advice, helping set up new devices etc.  All in the comfort of your own home.  At just £15 per hour for local people (£15 per hour in TQ1 and £20 per hour in TQ2-5).  For more information click here to visit their website.  Alternatively, pop in to the shop in St Marychurch Precinct or give them a call on 01803 363312.  Better still, why not buy one of their excellent vouchers for 2 hours at just £20 and give it as a Christmas gift?


Dragonfly Jewellery

As well as all the fabulous shops and businesses you can walk to and visit, Babbacombe Bay is also home to a host of thriving, vibrant home-workers creating unique and stylish products.

Today, we are delighted to introduce you to one of them – Dragonfly Handcrafted Jewellery Designs

Run by Louise Roberts from her base in Babbacombe Bay, her website is full of beautiful jewellery and fun pieces with something for all ages. To see more of her designs and find out what she’s up to take a look at her listing on our website by clicking here.

For now, here are a couple of her creations to give you a flavour…..


We love every season in Babbacombe Bay.  Autumn is a stunner though…..


The Ladies Lounge

The Ladies’ Lounge is a registered charity supporting vulnerable women in Torbay. Set up three years ago by Ros Ede the Ladies’ Lounge is based in Torquay on the second floor of the Salvation Army building in Market Street. Open on Mondays from 11.30am to 2pm and Wednesdays from 1.30pm to 4pm. Run by volunteers and funded by grants and donations this vital service is proving extremely welcome to vulnerable women from all backgrounds who crave a safe, friendly environment to chat if they want to, enjoy crafts and make new friends.

Ros says

“We are very proud of what we have achieved so far with the Ladies’ Lounge but there is so much more that we can do and so many more people that we can help. We help women who have suffered, or are suffering, from domestic abuse, have mental health problems, who are in recovery from different addictions, and those who are homeless. We listen, support and, if help is wanted, we can connect people with services and further support that may be of use.” She added “It is not for us to judge anyone but to listen and support. Our ladies find themselves in difficulty for all sorts of reasons. Our job is to help them through in a kind and positive way.”

Free fish and chips

The charity is always looking for new support and their most recent new supporter is David Hanbury who is giving the group free fish and chips once a month. Volunteers collect the meals and they are then enjoyed by the group in their Lounge. Fleur Barr, one of the volunteers, said “I met David recently and it turned out that Hanbury’s Fish and Chips had taken delivery of a new bin to help with litter on Babbacombe Downs. David knew that I was a keen crafter and asked if I would paint the bin for him. I was delighted. We got talking and I told him all about the Ladies’ Lounge and what we get up to. The next thing I know, he offered to give us free fish and chips once a month to help out. We were absolutely thrilled and everyone was delighted with the surprise when we arrived with hot, delicious fish and chips.”  David Hanbury said “Meeting Fleur and then Ros really opened my eyes to the need for a group like this. We are all part of a big community and I think it’s incredibly important to do what we can. I am delighted to be able to provide them with some fish and chips and would encourage other businesses to have a think about what they could do to help. If they’re not sure, I’m confident that Fleur and Ros will have some ideas. They are incredible women and part of an extraordinary team offering a really important service. I take my hat off to them and think the whole community should be grateful for people like them and the time and passion they put in to this charity.”


Fleur is one of the very keen crafters within the group. Crafting is known to reduce stress and anxiety, so this is what is offered in Ladies’ Lounge, and many beautiful creations are made and taken home. Fleur said, “Making things is incredibly therapeutic and it’s amazing how people relax and chat while working on a project of some sort and gaining new skills.”

Business Support

The group is looking for more business support, if possible, so are keen for any local business to get in touch if they would like to find out more. Ladies’ Lounge also need more volunteers who are willing to help with the crafting or help in the kitchen with teas and coffees and who are willing to commit to at least two sessions a month on either Monday or Wednesday. When asking Fleur what kind of volunteers were needed, she said, quite simply, “Women who are better at listening than talking.” With empathy and an ability to put people at ease being key, if anyone thinks they may like to get involved, simply visit the website at to find out more. The website explains a bit more about the charity and how to help as well as how to find help. The key aim of this group is to assist vulnerable women in Torbay. Ladies’ Lounge contact details are: email: mobile: 07895 155 965. Please get in touch for a chat or pop into one of the sessions to see what they get up to.


What a stunning day in the bay…..

Beautiful Babbacombe Bay

Beautiful Babbacombe Bay


We simply had to tell you about this absolutely lovely new calendar from Beth at Hillfolk Illustration.
Beth creates gorgeous pictures of well-known locations in and around the English Riviera, including Babbacombe Bay.
She has created a 2019 calendar featuring these images and it’s now available to pre-order until Saturday 29 September if you click here 
Buy one for yourself or as a gift for others – or both! Fabulous, unique pictures, local business, local scenes, only £12. There is no downside.
But hurry, pre-orders only available until the end of the week…..


We are now busy preparing our festive pages for the website.  So, please let us know about all your sparkling plans and goings-on so that we can share them with everyone else.  Thanks!


Babbacombe Bay is such a vibrant place.  Very much open for business all year round, one of the treasures in the area is the fabulous Babbacombe Theatre.  With a huge range of shows there really is something for everyone.  Today, we have updated our What’s On page with plenty of great new bands, comedians, plays and performances to enjoy as we head into autumn.

Babbacombe Theatre on Babbacombe Downs

Babbacombe Theatre on Babbacombe Downs


Updated the profile picture across all of our social media accounts today.  Don’t forget you can find us as Babbacombe Style on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Babbacombe Downs



Morning on Oddicombe Beach

Morning on Oddicombe Beach


Great seaside fun on Oddicombe Beach today as “Last Team Standing” took place.  14 teams of hardy souls dug and built then jumped on board their creations, clinging on until the tide came in.   The winners were: 1st Bill Oddicombe, 2nd Moaty McMoat Face, 3rd All Things Bright and Beautiful, 4th SSG2, 5th SSG1, 6th Mutts Nuts, 7th Cape Rock, 8th Tidal Titans, 9th Hoes and Bros, 10th The Pickled Parsons, 11th Up To Our Necks, 12th DATEL, 13th Darnells Chartered Accountants, 14th 10th Torbay Scouts.  Here are a few pics of some of the larks that went on:


Today we updated our Wow! front page gallery.  Inspired by the fabulous summer that we’ve had we thought we’d upload a celebration of the season.  Here’s a taster that we shared across our social media pages:


Tessier Gardens looking lovely in the late summer sunshine.

Sun Temple, Tessier Gardens, Babbacombe Bay

Sun Temple, Tessier Gardens, Babbacombe Bay


Looking forward to this fun event on Saturday 8 September, organised by the teams at Three Degrees West and Babbacombe Cliff Railway


Enjoying the Bank Holiday Weekend


Just lovely…..


Great to see a couple of Babbacombe Bay legends featured in the September edition of Devon Life Magazine.  With articles about Babbacombe Cliff Railway and Hanbury’s Fish and Chips – always nice when the word is spread a little further around the county.


Celebrating World Photography Day with one of our favourites taken early one morning on the gorgeous Oddicombe Beach.


A wander along the South West Coast Path, just around the corner from Babbacombe Bay


What a superb first ever Scarecrow Festival.  The winners are as follows:
Favourite Scarecrow of the judges:
‘GONE FISHING’ Made by Zoe on St Margarets Road.

The FAVOURITE top three (as voted for by the public):

1st: Cherry Shakewell – Big Bakes Bakery
2nd: Oceania – Dita
3rd: Captain Hampton – Philip and Su on Hampton Avenue

The FUNNIEST top three:

1st: Mr Tumble Weed – The Foley Family
2nd: Crow – Fiesta Red
3rd: Frederick Fox – Richard at The Cheese Press

The SCARIEST top three:

1st: Sally Scarecrow – Fiesta Red
2nd: Captain Hampton – Philip and Su on Hampton Avenue
3rd: Deep Sea Fisherman – John Lake & Co

So many people involved and, clearly, so many people enjoying themselves out and about at this great event.  As if all of that wasn’t enough, over £700 was raised for the Babbacombe Bay Bloomers who work so hard all year round keeping the bay looking stunning.

For now, here are a few of the selection that appeared…..


Glorious day on Bababcombe Downs


The Scarecrow Festival is nearly upon us.  And it’s scarecrows galore as businesses, groups and individuals put their scarecrows on show for all to see.  Should be great fun.  This really is a great idea, incredibly well organised and is going to be fabulous fun for everyone to enjoy.  If that wasn’t enough, it’s also looking to make quite a bit of money for the Babbacombe Bay Bloomers who do so much to enhance the environment here in Babbacombe Bay. There has been huge organisation behind the scenes from some passionate and enthusiastic people – that’s always a great start and huge thanks to all of them for getting this underway. And now, it’s time for everyone else to get involved.

So, here’s what you do:

1 Pick up a Scarecrow Festival pack.
Available from Precinct News, Fiesta Red, Photo Matters, The Post Office & Babbacombe Cliff Railway.
Packs are just £2.50 each and you get a great map, a list of all the scarecrows, a voting slip, some sticky smiley faces and a pen.
2 Take the trail, find all the scarecrows, and pick your favourite, the scariest and the funniest.
3 Take your voting slip to the special scarecrow outside Fiesta Red before Monday 6 August.
4 Enjoy!


A bright and cheerful St Marychurch Precinct this morning…..


Everyone knows Hanbury’s Famous Fish and Chips. It has, after all, been supplying fish and chips to locals and holidaymakers alike since 1982. But, there’s now a new addition to the repertoire, in the form of Hanbury’s Amber Ale. After setting up a micro brewery on site, the new Hanbury’s Ale has been perfected and is now on sale in bottles and on draft.

David Hanbury said:

“We are delighted to have our very own ale. My son, Stephen, was keen for us to try brewing some ale. It has been a great project for us to work on together and the finished article is delicious. We wanted to create a tasty beer in its own right but, as you might expect, something that worked perfectly with fish and chips. We believe we’ve done exactly that.”

Micro brewery

What would usually be called a micro brewery, David says that theirs is in fact a mini micro brewery, producing 35 litre batches at a time. This new ale is 4.7% and available exclusively from Hanbury’s Restaurant and Takeaway and, in the few weeks that it has been on sale, has proved incredibly popular. In fact, as the takeaway is now licensed to sell alcohol it has all sorts of great drinks to accompany your fish and chips. With a brand new fridge in the takeaway you can order your fish and chips and then decide what you fancy to drink with it.

David added “I’ve been in business in Babbacombe for the past 36 years. It’s a great place to live and work and I’ve always believed in introducing new ideas and developing the business wherever possible. This new venture is exciting for all the team and one we are hoping our customers will approve of and, indeed, enjoy.”

Liz Jones

The labels on each bottle feature a design by Liz Jones. If you’ve ever eaten at Hanbury’s you’ll be familiar with her work as the placemats and fridge magnets feature her lovely paintings depicting fun on Babbacombe Downs and many of her pictures adorn the walls of the Restaurant. So, although this is a new venture for Hanbury’s, the quality, passion and sense of being an important part of this great, family business, is very obvious. The team is now planning a Hanbury’s lager, too, so watch this space…..


Although the beaches have been full of people having a great time, this is a look across the bay at a somewhat more tranquil moment.


Summer going on and on…..


Another stunning day in Babbacombe Bay – it’s wall to wall sunshine out there…..


New listing on-line for the lovely shop at Bygones – full of interesting retro and vintage gift ideas.

Click here to check it out.


Beautiful day at Babbacombe Cliff Railway


Great fun on Oddicombe Beach this weekend


Another lovely new business added to our website – the lovely Scoopy Doo’s.  Check out our Mmm section for plenty of great ideas on where to find tasty treats to eat in Babbacombe Bay.


Summer has arrived at Babbacombe Cliff Railway and so the railway is now running from 9am to 6pm.   That’s an extra hour on the beach every day.

Great news!


Such a lovely day in Babbacombe Bay today.  So much beautiful sunshine so far in May.


Cliff Railway Day is being held at Babbacombe Cliff Railway on Saturday 12 May.  Looks like a fun, family day out.


Babbacombe Cliff Railway now has lights meaning that occasional evening running is possible.  They will also be handy for dull, gloomy, foggy days to brighten up this historic attraction.


Not really news but just a picture of a lovely evening stroll along the Downs.


These gorgeous prints from Beth at Hillfolk Illustrations are available to buy on-line so why not take a look?  There are loads of other great, local illustrations too…..  Click here to check them out.


Babbacombe Cliff Railway is closed Tuesday and Wednesday (24 and 25 April) and will be open at midday on Thursday and Friday before returning to normal 9am opening hours on Saturday 28 April.  Three Degrees West bar and bistro on Oddicombe Beach is open every day so why not wander down the path to the beach instead?  Yes, it’s a bit of a slog on the way back but you can do it!


A warm Babbacombe Bay welcome to ProSecure Locksmiths.  Covering the whole of Babbacombe Bay – whatever your lock, key and security needs are then give them a call for a chat and a quote.  They’re 24 hour too! So, when you lock yourself out and don’t know quite what to do, maybe give them a shout.  Click here to find out more.


These fabulous borders just get better every time we pass by.

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